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What best places to see at Ambiose?

We are staying at a hotel in Tours. We booked the ticket for Clos Lucé which is in Ambiose. We are spending one day at Ambiose. We do not drive. So we have to rely on bus, train, or taxi.

Question 1: How to get there from Tours to Ambiose and Ambiose to Tours by bus/train? What bus/train routes? What is the schedule for bus and train? What is the earliest and latest?

Question 2: What places do you recommend we see at Ambiose?

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this message.

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Train from Tours to Amboise takes a little over 10 minutes. You can walk to the station (about 1/2 hr) or taxi/uber if you don't want to walk. Trains run about every 20 min or so, as early as 6:00 and looks like they run until about 22:30.

The chateaux at Amboise is worth a look-see in addition to Clos Luce, don't miss the Chapel of St Hubert on the chateau grounds.
Otherwise just walking around the town is very nice. Find a nice restaurant for lunch and a glass of wine.

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Leonardo da Vinci's last home: Chateau Clos du Luce where he died in 1519. King Francis I gave it to him as an enticement to leave Italy so Francis could enjoy the pleasure of Leonardo's intellectual company.

It is a wonderful home and the grounds are lovely and populated with human-scale inventions. Inside there are replicas of paintings and smaller-scale models of Leonardo's inventions. If you have children, or if you don't, you will all enjoy it.
Have fun!

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If you are so inclined and like cocktails, I would recommend Le Shaker which makes fabulous martinis.
It is a short walk over the bridge across the Loire - really nice patio with views of the river and Chateau

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Basically the Shaker is between the “heart” of Amboise (where the chateau is) and the train station. So a perfect stop for a drink along the Loire!

As others have said, take a train from Tours to Amboise. It is easy to walk into town. The chateau is about a 15-minute walk from the train station, and Clos Lucé is about 10 or 15 minutes beyond that.

A nice part of Amboise is simply strolling the town center, stopping for an ice cream on a hot summer day, admiring the river from the bridges, etc.

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Château de Clos Lucé is very worthwhile,
the Château d’Amboise is ok but pales in comparison to others imo, like Château de Chenonceau (my favorite), Château de Chambord and the other top ones Rick lists in his book.

Well worth it to take a taxi / Uber to Château de Chenonceau.

Amboise itself is a wonderful, charming town and fun to explore on foot. Don’t miss the residential area.

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I love Amboise! Be sure to check out the troglodyte (cave dwellers) homes on your walk from “downtown” to Clos Luce, very interesting. I thought Clos Lue was fascinating. The chateau is very nice and the grounds are beautiful. Don’t miss the entrance to the tunnel that connects the chateau to the castle. The tunnel is closed now but was apparently well used by DaVinci back in the 1500s.