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What are your transportation recommendations for Colmar area on a Sunday?

We will be arriving in Colmar after noon on a Saturday and will leave Monday morning for Paris. The car rentals are not open on Sunday, so we can’t spend the day exploring by car. I had planned that we could take a taxi or bus to Eguisheim, but we would like to see another town, too, if practical.

Other options - minivan tours: The 3 minivan tours in the RS France book include wine tasting. We no longer drink so would rather not pay extra, both in time & cost - just looking for a tour for access to the villages. I see other minivan tours on-line; one goes to Kaysersberg, Hunawihr, and Riquewihr for a half-day tour.

For those who have been in the area on a Sunday without a car, what transportation do you recommend? Which town was your favorite?

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Thanks, RJean! I was briefly looking at that company’s half-day “Alsace Villages from Colmar” tour during an initial search, which goes to Riquewihr & Kayersberg. Were those the villages that you liked the most? Or is the Haut Koenigsbourg Castle worth taking the full-day tour?

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We were just there in May and we used rent a car in colmar that I believe is open till 4- 6 pm Saturday
We rented a vw Tiguan came with gps and automatic and was a new car. I ordered the car on the web in advance and it was easy and economical I would use the agency again very professional and helpful

We loved Kaysersberg. Such a beautiful setting with small hilltop castle turret
We also visited ribeaaville and the castle at Haut Koenigsbourg. Really amazing place. If you happen to get the car you can go to the monkey park near Koenisbourg for a very unique experience. Professional and humane place to interact with monkeys The website is challenging to register and then book but it’s a really nice experience for us having a car

Any questions let me know. We loved Colmar and the Alsace save time to explore Colmar.

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Jean - I visited Riquewihr, a wonderful town. It's jewel in Alsace.

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Thanks for your details, Greg!

I showed them to my husband this evening. He really would rather not rent a car while we’re in Colmar. We have always taken trains or the occasional bus or minivan tour during our Europe trips. And, he enjoys being able to fully relax on vacation without needing to drive and navigate.

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Just a thought, are you sure agents aren't open on Sundays? When trying to book a car in France, I found a search at mid-day yields no results, because agents (even in large cities) close for lunch (roughly 11-1 or 11:30 to 1:30). You might try searching mid-morning or mid-afternoon, then call the agent to discuss your needs.

Another option is to try Europcar, you talk with an English speaking agent who then books with a rental car company. I used them on a recent trip to Ireland. I wasn't sure if the $61 rental cost I found - for ten days - was a really good deal for the entire ten days or a really bad deal for each day? Turns out it was the former but the added fees and taxes made it a little under $200.

I've been to the towns you mentioned (and a few more). Each town on the wine route is beautiful, each has it's own claim to fame. You can't go wrong with any of them. If you want to add something different, the Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg is a really nice castle visit. There is also a "monkey mountain" near there (La Montagne des Singes). I didn't go because I've been to Gibraltar and saw Barbary Apes there.

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Not a town, but a city, Strasbourg is really interesting and it's just 30 minutes by train from Colmar. The RS guide book pushes Colmar over Strasbourg, but I don't agree. Colmar may be better as a base to tour the wine region, but if that's not your thing, Strasbourg simply has more to see and do. Strasbourg has a large cathedral that for some time was the tallest building in the world. There are several museums on Alsace history and culture and a modern art museum. The European Parliament is also interesting. Outside of town, but assessable by a streetcar line, the Two Rivers Park offers a chance to walk across the Rhine to Germany and back.

Wherever you go, be sure to try some of the German-French food unique to this region that was fought over repeatedly in the 19th and 20th century.