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What are the toughest entrance tickets to score in France

Thus-far. I'm surprised that both the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay have a fair amount of ticket availability during our mid-Sept visit.

Just booked Eiffel Tower to the 2nd floor, however the tower top was not available. Per Rick Steves guidebook, the view is better from the 2nd level so that should be ok.

What are the other hard-to-get visitor-related tickets in Paris and around France for the next month or so?

We are especially interested Paris. the Paris region, Loire, Provence, Lyon and Burgundy.

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visits to Font du Gaume in the Dordogne is a very tough ticket to get.

In Paris lots of things sell out for a few days. When I was there we had to wait a few days for the Hotel de la Marine, and the Louvre. and special exhibits sometimes completely sell out. We had to purchase a member ship to see the Hopper exhibit a few years ago at the Grand Palais. It was entirely sold out for the month of November when we were there. We had to subscribe to a series of exhibits that included this one.

Too bad about the top of the ET; I don't think it is worth doing without going to the top. The view is good from the second floor but I don't think it is about the views.

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The hardest ticket to get in France would be the one to my table at dinner time.

Don't even try.

Regarding the Eiffel Tower: I wouldn't bother. The view is better -- far better -- from the top of l'Arc de Triomphe.

The view from the Eiffel Tower basically consists of the flat non-contours of the Paris Basin, with tiny little buildings down below. I get it: people feel they have to do it when visiting Paris for the first time. But the view in underwhelming.

In my opinion, the Eiffel Tower is better to look at than to look from.