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Weekly Navigo Pass for zones 1-5

Has anyone used this Pass for travel between Paris and CDG airport on the RER? Or, to the Marne-la-Vallee TGV station from Paris? I know these are in zone 5, but wondered if any additional fare was required. Please advise. Many thanx.

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CDG, DLP, Versailles, Fontainebleau- they are all reachable with just the Passe Navigo.

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A weekly Navigo is good for travel to CDG. You may find some older documentation online indicating that you need to buy extra zones, but weekly Navigo Découverte passes have been good for all zones (1 to 5) for some time now.

A friendly reminder that a weekly Navigo Découverte is strictly Monday to Sunday and not any other 7-day period.

DLP = Disneyland Paris

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And keep the pass after you leave Paris.
You can reactivate it for your next visit.

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The Navigo Decouverte has been de-zoned. No worries at all.
DLP is Disneyland.

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the only extra fare required would be if you went to Orly airport and needed to take the Orlyval connector. Disneyland Paris and CDG are both included in the zones 1-5.

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We love our Navigo passes! Got them in 2014 and have used them on subsequent trips. It makes Metro travel SO easy. Just swipe the card & go...unless of course, the swiper fails to read the card correctly (as ours did a couple of times) then go to the manned ticket area & they can fix it for you. Enjoy Paris!

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I remember that the pass is good from Monday through Sunday only.

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For the photo for the Navigo Découverte pass is it easier to use a photo taken in Paris or print something out at home? Thoughts?

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At home, I just copied our drivers licenses and cut out the photos. Very inexpensive and worked great.

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The Navigo made our trip so easy! No need to worry about how far you are going...if it's bus, metro, RER, or even some SNCF you are good to go :) (I think they work on the tramways, too, but we didn't take them). Completely worth the price!