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Weather in Chamonix

Hello All,

I have read conflicting stories. Anyone have an idea what the weather is generally like in Chamonix in early June (4th or so)? Simple hiking trails? Valley?


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You might have better luck predicting the hurricane season in Florida.

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That early in the year probably won't have open hiking trails except in the valley. I'd consider it an unexpected bonus if you can get on any trails other than those at the base. I was there in September and a snowfall closed the trail I wanted to be on. Typically weather is better in September than June - especially early June when there is likely to be a lot of snow still on the ground and a good possibility of new snow while you're there.

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The only thing predictable about the weather in June is that it will change daily, even in the same day,, and you'll probably get a mix of just about everything. I wouldn't count on being able to hike that early. If it is a very light snow year then maybe...but we've gone hiking there in late July and had our way blocked by snow. Other times it's been perfectly clear and easy hiking. Total crap shoot.

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We were there in early June three years ago and each day of our 3 days there, the forecast was for “diurnal instability,” which we took to mean “Who knows? Anything could happen.” We never saw Mont Blanc although it was starting to clear when we departed. We did take a couple of easy hikes and we never got soaked anyway.