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Weather Considerations in October?

My husband and I are going to Paris, Barcelona and Madrid in October. I've never traveled to Europe during autumn, so I'm wondering if one pair of good shoes will be enough? Or, should I expect it to be very wet or cold?
Also, should I expect to wear jacket, hat, gloves? Any advice from someone who has been there in October would be much appreciated!

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My husband and I have been to southern France and Paris in October. There were days when it was very cool. I always pack a dark denim jacket, hat and leather gloves. Using those, I can add a sweater and a shawl if needed. The denim is a dark color with black "velvet" cuffs and collar so it looks more dressy than a regular denim jacket. If you get really cold, you can use it as an excuse to buy a sweater or a shawl/scarf. I also pack a small umbrella.

In terms of shoes, I usually have two pairs of shoes, one for most of my walking and the other pair for short ventures, close to the hotel. I do not take boots. I also wear compression socks and either trouser socks or a heavier sock such as the "world's softest socks" type.

Even if I would start with Paris and end in Spain, I would still pack the jacket, hat and gloves. Evenings can be cool.

Have fun!

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Basic kit for travel anywhere/anytime: good shoes and socks, rain jacket, fleece vest/jacket wadable hat. Gloves if you'll be outside in the far beyonds. Long-sleeve shirts since it's a bear to roll down a short-sleeve ones.

Anything else is fashionable or you can fake.

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I am not sure if you are asking about dress shoes or shoes in general. You should never travel any time of year without two good pair of walking shoes. One pair gets wet and you have a dry pair; one pair rubs in ways you don't expect when you put 10 miles on your feet and you can trade off. We have had good luck in October but there is always some rain especially in Paris. The most important thing for happiness in travel is comfortable feet. If you forget to pack a sweater or a raincoat or something lightweight for unexpectedly hot weather, it is easy to acquire it on the road. For shoes, it is much harder to buy a new pair and then walk for hours in them. You will need a jacket for Paris -- it can be quite chilly in October. If you need a hat or gloves, those will be easy to pick up. Most market streets have vendors with gloves and hats.