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water show/candlelight evening at Vaux le Vicomte

I heard about Vaux le Vicomte on a recent RS radio program and after that read about the water show and candlelight evening on Saturdays and am wondering if it's worth planning a visit around either or both. The water show sounds like it could be a bit kitschy. We'll be there in September when the sun sets around 8pm, so I'm not sure when the candles would be lit, but I imagine you need to be there after dark to get the full effect. We'd also like to be there during the daylight hours to enjoy the gardens. I see that the shuttle bus service from Melun only runs on weekends and public holidays, so we plan to go on a weekend regardless. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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We have gone to the candlelight evening event at VLV and it really is quite unique and spectacular. We drove out in the mid-afternoon, walked the gardens, ate in their cafe and then stayed into the evening for the candlelight tour of the chateau and to go through the gardens again when they were all lit with thousands of candles. They also served champagne - it was really beautiful and well worth it! Make sure to stay all the way until they close for the fireworks.

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From the French Version of the website: Every Saturday until October 4, Vaux le Vicomte offers to experience the art of French living. You wander through the interior of the castle and the French garden lit by 2000 candles. At 10:50 p.m., fireworks floods the area with a shower of gold and silver.

To join the fun of this nocturnal wandering, the flavors of fine cuisine, the temporary restaurant Mélèze welcomes you to the garden. (Online booking recommended,

A new space, Le Songe de Vaux, ( located in the garden opposite the castle, is now available from 17h. Comfortably seated in chairs and soothed by classical music, enjoy macaroons and champagne in an ideal location for rest and contemplation.

I have given the English version links above to make reservations for the Candlelight show, the restaurant and the Champagne bar. You must buy tickets to the candle show to be able to reserve/dine in the restaurant or drink in the champagne bar.
J'espère que vous avez plaisir, cela ressemble à une belle soirée! I hope you have fun, it sounds lovely!

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There has been some confusion on about what cookie is being served so I hope this clears up my comments above....

The website for Vaux le Vicomte stated that they are serving macaroons not macarons. I got the text direct from the website. In French they say macarons if that is what they are eating! The cookies they are serving are Macaroons. I have attached a link below that explains the difference for those that are confused. Happy Travels!

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Seems an odd choice since the typical English speaking tourists will be disappointed to be served macaroons when expecting macarons. I would think the last thing you would want to do in a special event like this is disappoint people over so small a matter. Especially since macarons are easily obtained and mass produced by the gazillions in Paris.

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I think it was a mistranslation. I can't count how many times I've seen mistranslations on menus, hotel brochures, signs, etc. in France. I can't picture in that setting, with champagne, that they're serving macaroons. I'd bet my money it's actually macarons. Whoever goes to it first, let us know!