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Walk In for Beds In Paris Hostels? May/June?

So my boyfriend and I are going to paris in late may/early june. We had a pilot friend offer to get us standby tickets, which we gladly accepted. Normally I like to have at least our first few nights accommodations booked, but since we're flying standby I don't know when we'll actually arrive! Do you think we'll have trouble just dropping in and trying to book a bed at some of the more popular hostels?

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Thats a tough one.. you WILL find a room somewhere,, but may have to troop to a few/or may a few calls, till you find what you want .. Your dates are pretty well high season.. college kids here get out end of April early May so many of them are off travelling by then.Are you flexible with room type,, willing to sleep in a shared dorm, or are you wanted a private twin room ?

I think you could wing it IF you are willing to take anything. I also think I would have a list of them to contact before I go. I would do it ( and did) when I was 23,, but now I am way past that ,, lol so its up to you! ( friend and I always had a bed to sleep in, but my goodness some of the places were not very nice,, not just talking about Paris but our whole 3 month trip backpacking around Europe trip)