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Vitrolles/Marseilles Airport: Train from Avignon in the morning, or stay overnight at the airport?

Not sure where the train station at the airport is. Is it right inside the place? and an easy move to the check-in counter and such?

Thinking of maybe an overnight at a hotel near the airport, but I'm not seeing good reviews of the affordable ones.

Would be best just to do the short schlep to Avignon Centre, take the 1-hour train, and do it that way?

My flight is noonish on a weekday.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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The regional train from Avignon Centre stops at Vitrolles with a five-minute bus shuttle to the airport included in the ticket. The high-speed train from the station on the outskirts of Avignon stops outside Aix-en-Provence with a longer bus shuttle to the airport, estimated at about 20 minutes. I can't comment on reliability. The airport website has good maps showing its services.

Wikipedia also contains some material:

Posted by Barbra OP
Burbank, CA
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Thanks sounds good. Thanks.

Yes, I wrote of my Aix TGV experience elsewhere. Let's hope the "included" part works.

Probably not really worth it to stay overnight at the airport then.

Posted by epltd
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Just make sure to allow plenty of "cushion" time in your morning so in case the train is delayed or anything, you will still be in the airport early enough to go through security etc.

Posted by Tom_MN
Minneapolis, USA
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This is a small airport so lines are short. All Schengen flights except within France require passport control.

The train station is up a slope overlooking the airport. Buses are synced with train arrival. The 1-1/2 mile walk would be difficult due to a long flyover but it does have a painted shoulder.

The Comfort Hotel (Comfort Inn in US) is 5 min easy walk from train station or free shuttle, their clean and tiny rooms about $60. Free airport shuttle. Very nice pool. You are captive here to the expensive hotel restaurant.

Posted by Barbra OP
Burbank, CA
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Except for the taxi from hotel to Avignon Centre that was supposed to cost 10 E but was really 15 E, everything went swimmingly.

Train to Vitrolles (5 minutes late), roll the bag down the ramp, a little wait for the free shuttle (regular city-type bus, no rack for luggage) to the airport. It makes one stop, but should make three for the three buildings--term 2, term 1A, and then term 1B--so you gotta look around for which way to go. Could be a problem in a pouring rain--no cover. Luggage cart there for a euro/return when you get off bus. Too early even to check the bag, had lunch, spent the rest of the euros, no line at all at security--somewhat strange though, what's the little paper they are wiping on some of my things?

Only one sandwich place and convenience/newstand on the other side of security, so have a good meal before security.

In the air for 50 minutes from Marseille to CDG.

So I was glad I didn't spent money on a hotel near the airport in an ugly industrial-type zone.

Posted by Rocket
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That little piece of paper that they swiped your stuff with. Did they then put it into a machine? It’s to see if there is any trace of explosive residue.

Hope you’re feeling better.

Posted by acraven
Washington DC
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Barbra, I know you've been quite ill, so I especially appreciate the time you've spent updating us on your final-day experiences. And I'm glad that you are, apparently, at least not feeling worse than before.

Posted by Nigel
Northamptonshire, England
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what's the little paper they are wiping on some of my things?

That's real security instead of the usual security theatre. Looking for explosive residue. No dogs in the area?

Posted by Barbra OP
Burbank, CA
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No dogs.

For some reason they selected only one of my trays, which had my jacket in it and my boarding pass(?) and one or two other items. Guy made sure to wide the metal snaps of the jacket, wa?

Yes, I think there was some machine there they were using.