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Visiting France immediately after the Olympics, Paris first?

I've been to France many times for work, but my wife has never been! So the two of us are going in August, right after the Olympics.

We arrive on August 12th into CDG and we have these options: arrive in CDG and stay in Paris for 5 days, and hope that the week after the Olympics isn't too crazy. Then, head to the south of France for 4 days, then a train back to CDG on the 21st. This might be the easiest logistical for us since we can go to the hotel right after arriving, and then we can take the train from the south straight to CDG.

Or, if things might be too nuts right after the Olympics, we could go from CDG to the south right after our flight, that might be a bit much being so tired but who knows. Then we could spend 4 days down there and finish in Paris the 16th-21st.

Will things really be that different in the city only 4 days after the Olympics? I'm worried about people extending their time at the Olympics and crowding up museums and such the day or two after the Olympics are done.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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You will arrive in Paris the day after the closing ceremonies, so yes, Paris will still be seriously affected by the Olympics. And things will immediately start gearing up for the Paralympics, which begin at the end of the month. So no matter which way you plan your trip, expect Paris to be packed, and certain areas affected by venue restrictions.

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Someone had a similar question and I posted the response as I knew it. As of last week preparations are already being made. Stands are being built, traffic is being diverted, construction is going up. If I remember correctly the paralympic games end in either late August or early September and the same thing will happen at the end of those games. Stands have to be dismantled, roads need to be unblocked, etc, etc, Etc. From the article they do not believe that the effects of the Olympics will be over until the end of October possibly the beginning of November and some restrictions may stay in place even after that.

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As long as you have your lodgings, train tickets, museum entry tickets, restaurant reservations, etc., then what you have left is the measure of your tolerance for crowds.
What is negative for some may be of little consequence to others. In August, you will not be relegated to being indoors because of cold, rainy weather as you might in the winter.

We have been to Germany when it hosted the FIFA World Cup and it was fine for us, but we're used to being in Manhattan in the summer when we literally have to walk in the streets because there's no room on the sidewalks. It doesn't stop us. Sometimes, streets in major cities are closed to traffic because of major events and they become pedestrian, only. Fantastic!

I hope you and your wife have a marvelous time. You must be so excited to show her France.

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We decided that the evening we land we will stay the night in Paris and then the next morning take a train to Cassis. We will stay there for 5 days and then head up to Paris for the last 5 days. Figured it will be busy, it's a busy time of the year anyway but I would think most people visiting for the Olympics would have probably headed home.

Paralympics start August 28th, so we will be gone by then. Maybe there will be a lull there between the two.