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Visiting France for a week in 2016

Hello everyone! I am currently planning my (first) Eurotrip and intend on visiting France for a week or so in April of 2016. Paris is on my list, and I know I could easily spend a week there, but I would like to stay in another city. I may or may not get my fill of museums between Paris and London, and I would also like to see some countryside. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all eyes!
I will also be on a budget (so staying at hostels, couch-surfing, etc.).

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Fencer, if you'd like suggestions it's sometimes helpful to know the whole story--what your whole itinerary will be. For logistical reasons if nothing else.

For instance, if you are headed to Spain from France, would not suggest Alsace.

Your instincts about getting out of cities are good ones, However, countryside is a mixed bag in April and a challenge without a car. I spent a week biking in Burgundy once in April, and had a blast, but it was wet sometimes. When it's cold and wet cities are really the place to be.

If the weather cooperates, there are many day trips into the countryside from Paris. There is a lot to see in the Isle de France. If you bicycle, Beaune makes a good base for a few day trips.

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@Adam - Sorry! Will most likely be coming from London. I figured if I was going to Paris first, I would be taking the train. I haven't decided if I want to go to Spain, Italy, or home (Texas) after France. That will be determined when I have a better idea of a budget and how much I'll actually have.

That makes a lot of sense (the point about the weather). I wouldn't mind biking, but I didn't plan on renting a car.

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If you will be returning home from France and the weather cooperates, then Burgundy and a bicycle could be a good way to cop some countryside. As a bonus there is an early AM train from Dijon (easy connection from Beaune) that will deliver you to Charles deGaulle by 10:30, in time for an afternoon flight.

I think there is also a night train to Italy from Dijon; if not it's a 7:30 train ride to Milan, more for further. Or fly from Paris, but it's not an easy connection.

Countryside is also an option in Italy and Spain, and might be nicer there that time of year.