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Visiting Brittany

Besides visiting Dinan and St. Michel in August, what other villages do travelers recommend visiting in Brittany? Are there any recommendations for special places to stay?

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Uhhhhh....... If you mean Le Mont Saint Michel, that's in Normandy.

Uhhhhhhhh ............Saint Malo, Roscoff, Saint Bruiec, Dol de Bretagne, Corsen (because you can), Carnac ......... and a few hundred others.

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Stickler? Guidebook error? Geographer? Pick one.

The Baie runs from east of the Normandy-Brittany border to just west of Genets. All the shoreline is in Normandy. It is a small part of the Gulf of St Malo which runs from about Paimpol to the tip on the Cotentin.

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I agree with Ed. I didn't go to Corsen but I did get to the others he mentioned (Saint Malo, Roscoff, Saint Bruiec, Dol de Bretagne), all interesting towns, I especially like Saint Malo. Also recommend Carnac if you're going to that part of Brittany. I was impressed with the Carnac alignments, the individual stones are not as large as Stonehenge but much more extensive area and the ability to walk among the stones - awesome.

I stayed at a few different places and can recommend these two: Manoir Mettrie, it's a bit rural but I actually liked it a lot, nice breakfast and very helpful owners. It's outside of Roz Landrieux, a small village near Dol de Bretagne. Check out their website:

In Plougonven I stayed at La Grange de Coatelan, another rural b&b just outside the town. I loved it there, a beautiful property and they had some animals too - guess I'm just a country girl at heart. Website: - it may come up in French so you'll have to translate it to English or you can check it out on TA or

Both of these get good reviews and high ratings.

Brittany is not the most popular part of France for US visitors (much more popular for the Brits) but I loved it; gorgeous coastline scenery, very friendly people, lots of picturesque villages, easy to drive around, good food.

For guidebooks to Brittany I highly recommend the Michelin Green Guide.

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I stuck in Corsen since it's a few hundred yards from the westernmost point in the country. There ain't much there but a marker.

Note to self: Start seeing in you can post about places you've only been a couple of times and get away with it.

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Very funny, Ed. You should have gone to Locronan, you old geographer. I wrote about it a few years ago.

To answer the OP's question, if you go out to the Finistere, which is being battered by storms right now, try Locronan. Also go to Morlaix and the famous churches with enclosed churchyards.