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visiting Belle-Île in Brittany?

I'm thinking of visiting Belle-Île in Brittany this summer as a day trip. It seems like there are a couple of options to explore it. Hiking on foot, rent a bike, take a bus tour. If anyone on the forum has been to the island, I'm wondering what your opinion is of these options.

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Hi Gill,
I'm a french man from brittany who live in Virginia (sorry for my english) and I advise you not to take a bus tour in Belle-Ile. You will miss so many things. The best way to visit this island is a bike/hike mix.
This island is not as small as it seem, so the bike is good for the big distance. But to visiting the places close to the sea, you need to hike by foot.
There is so many and beautiful place that you should go (Pointe des poulains, Grotte de l'apothicairerie, Sauzon, Les aiguilles de port coton, camaret, la citadelle...).
It's easy to rent a bike when you arrive at "Palais". I advise you not to rent just in the front of the jetty but just in the rear port (The store "Le cheval de fer" is very good.)

I will be happy to answer if you have other question about Belle-île. I went there many time and I really love this place.