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Visit Normandy Beaches & Cemeteries from Paris

What's the best way to tour Normandy invasion beaches and cemeteries from Paris with only one day.

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There is no "best" way. Only the least worse. Honestly, the Normandy battle areas (which is way more than just the beaches, of which there are at least five, and the cemeteries, of which there are several) deserve better than a half-day—which is all you really get if you have to get there and back also. It is like staying in NYC, and "touring" Cape Cod for a day.

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I think the best option is the full-day tour Overlord runs for people staying in Paris who are prepared to take the early train up to Bayeux. You get basically the same full-day tour available to people staying in Bayeux. You are picked up at the Bayeux train station and dropped off there at the end of the day to catch the train back to Paris. This gives you considerably more actual D-Day touring time than you'd get on a bus tour from Paris, and Overlord does small-group (van tours).

Not spending the night in Bayeux means you will miss out on seeing the Bayeux tapestry, the excellent invasion museum in the town, the historic center and the cathedral.

Overlord Tour 2FS

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PPhil gave a good example. The beach area is over 50 miles west to east and another good 30+ miles behind. The best you can do from Paris is one of the beaches, the cemetery and back. Personally I would save it for another trip.

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If you have only one day, you have only one day. If that is the case, make it easy on yourself and do one of the bus tours that leave from Paris. The day trip will take about 14 hours. There is this one and a more expensive smaller one and this one and no doubt there are many more. I think if you have one day, the easiest and best way is to get to the starting point for a tour at 7 AM. Get on the bus and nap until your first stop, do the touring, and nap on the way back. Sure you will not get an in depth look at anything but there is something to be said for going. I've done the Overlord day tour and it is great but the bus tour is way easier because you do not have to deal with the trains not that the trains are difficult but why bother.