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Visit Eiffel Tower

I purchased tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower on Viator. In the past we were able to
go to the Top from the Second floor. Found out today that we must purchase an
additional ticket for the Top. Is there another reliable way to obtain ticket to the Top of the ET?

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at the Eiffel Tower... although you're probably going to have to buy a whole new ticket.

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You didn't do your homework and now must buy a new ticket as there is no way to buy a 'just the elevator to the top' ticket.

Two choices: Buy a new summit ticket and give away the other one when you get there.

OR. buy a walking up ticket when you get there and add a summit ticket to that; you usually can do that unless it is very crowded. This ticket allows you to walk up to the second floor and then take the elevator to the top. The line is usually short for the walking up tickets.

THEN. use your level two ticket to get to level two and you other walking/summit ticket to go to the top. This will save a few Euros as the walking up part of the ticket is only 7 Euros or so and so that whole ticket will be less than buying a whole new ticket.