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Visit Alsace

we plan to visit Alsace on late september with all children, staying 2 nights in Strassbourg and 2-3 nights in Eguisheim. With a car.

On late November/ Early December we plan just me, my wife and the little child visit christmas markets. We have 2 nights. I am not sure if we should Stay in Colmar or Strassbourg. We want just an easy slow travel by foot see all decorations, illuminations and if possible not very very crowded. We will be there Thursday and Friday.
Which is better? Will be without a car.

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I know nothing about the markets, but for an upcoming trip my wife and I are staying a couple nights in Eguisheim, then moving into Colmar for a few more. From it we’ll take the train up to Strasbourg since it can be seen as a day trip.

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The Christmas market in Strasbourg is probably the biggest and best in Europe. Having been to several in Europe including Strasbourg, I would have to agree. However, not crowded is not going to be possible. Strasbourg is a marvelous city to stay in and visit - much history and many excellent restaurants.