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Visa for France for Bangladeshi?

I’d like to take my mother to Paris in August but she’s a Bangladeshi passport holder with a US greencard. As I’m a US passport holder, I’m having a hard time figuring out how/when to get her Visa and any requirements I should be aware of.

Would anyone please be able to help me? :(

I’d love to take her - it’s her dream!

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She needs to apply to the nearest French consulate or embassy to where she lives (in the USA?).
She will get a "Schengen Visa" which is valid for all Schengen Area countries usually for 90 days. If she plans to visit and non-Schengen countries (for example, the UK) then return to France, she will need a multi-entry visa.
As a US passport holder you will get an allowance of 90 days in 180, with as many exits and re-entries as you wish, without having to get a visa first.