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Vintage Guitars Shop in Paris

I'm a huge music lover and always wanted a vintage guitar. However, I can't spend thousands of dollars on a vintage instrument such an old Gibson Burst or Gretch, or custom color Fender. I will be in Paris this October and was thinking if anyone could advice on the place where I can search for a vintage instrument of the kind. Such as Fender Duosonic, Musicmaster from the 50-60's which usually fit in the 2k-2.5k range or cheaper. An old acoustic Gibson would fit there too.

Would appreciate any answers or help

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If you aren't familiar with the recent treaties involving the import/export of instruments and other items made with rosewood, it's good to familiarize your self with them. (Some guitar shops will know them well while others not so much)

While importing one or two guitars for personal use should be fine , if you're offered a certification that the instrument is old enough to not fall under those rules, I'd definitely take it.

Happy playing!

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Thanks selkie, I am aware of the CITES restrictions. Too bad it relates to the vintage instruments as well.

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This might be a pretty specialized question for this forum. You might have better luck checking the Paris subreddit on, well, Reddit. I did a quick search and saw a recommendation for rue de Douai in the 9th as an area with several guitar shops. You could definitely ask the question there and might get closer to the info you want!