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Vineyard / Winery south Burgundy ? between Lyon & Macon

Hello, I am Studying French wine and I would like to visit a vineyard during my stay in Lyon. Does anyone know a vineyard I can visit in the South of Burgundy? Or a good place to do wine sampling? I have looked at a few tour companies, but I would like something slower pace and more personal. Thank you.

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Among the wine villages served by train from Lyon, Romaneche-Thorins is the one that gets mentioned in Rick' France book (home of the Disney-esque Regional train departures from Lyon-Perrache station make more stops than those from Lyon Part-Dieu, but don't run as often.
Lyon-Perrache 08:20 08:25

Lyon Vaise 08:30 08:31

St-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or 08:41 08:43

Anse(St-Germ-a-Mont) 08:49 08:49

Villefranche-s-Saone 08:53 08:55

St-Georges-d-Reneins 09:00 09:01

Belleville-sur-Saone 09:05 09:06

Romaneche Thorins 09:11 09:12

Pontanevaux 09:15 09:16

Creches-sur-Saone 09:19 09:20

Mâcon Ville 09:25

How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it.

You might also find something interesting at, but not many travel specifics.

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Will you have a car? We have stayed in this area many times and I have some suggestions but
You really need a car for many places.Also do you plan to return every day to Lyon or are you interested in places to stay.? There is a lot more to Southern Burgundy besides the area between Macon and Lyon.. I do not know when you will be there but close by of course Is the Beaujolais wine region....comes out in November.One year when we were driving south on the A6 there was a huge traffic jam around Lyon and we took the Macon exit and stayed over a a wonderful chateau and then we decided to drive south thru this region instead of getting back on the A6... Wonderful wine and lovely small villages. The vineyards are beautiful in September, October and into November.

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Is there a reason you aren't asking about the wineries south of Lyon in the Cote du Rhone? Gigondas, Cote Rotie, Croze Hermitage....

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Thank you kindly. I have Rick Steve's book, so I am aware of the 'Disneyland' tour, but I am looking for something more authentic. I do not have a car, but I hope that the bus will take me to some of the places you mentioned, thank you. I am traveling south of Lyon to study Rhone wine when I complete my journey in Lyon.