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Versailles to Mont St Michel

We are driving from Versailles to Mont St Michel on a Sunday evening and want the fastest, easiest route. Is A13 toward Rouen best? How about N12 toward Dreux? We will be taking a slower route to sightsee on the way back. Thanks for any help.

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Hi. We did this exact thing last summer. We went the Rouen route. Got a bit turned around at one point, so follow directions closely. Consider stopping by Giverny to see Monet's home and the famous pond from his art work. It was beautiful and doesn't take that long. Buy tickets online ahead of time.

Mont St. Michel is ethereal and beautiful. I've travelled a lot and it is the most stunning place I've seen. A definite favorite. Try to beat the crowds there by being there early in the morning, or late in the evening is magical as the sun sets. Enjoy!

P. S. It is too far to walk from the mainland, so take the free shuttle bus. Be forewarned that we had issues with Asian tourists who didn't seem to realize how many people are reasonable to fit on a bus and were crushing people as they continued to board an already extremely full bus.

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My guess is the N12 is more direct and faster. Others who've driven it recently may have further advice about tolls, rest stops, any places where you could potentially follow the wrong sign and get headed in the wrong direction, etc.

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N12 is shorter but quite a bit slower: the first stretch is OK but there are quite a few choke points, and lots of town and village crossings beyond Alençon, especially as you leave the N12 to take the D976 towards Domfront, then the Mont. There is some pretty, rolling countryside on the way but I would not call it scenic driving.

Stick to the A13, followed by A84. When given the choice follow Caen, not Rouen (Rouen is off the highway). As a bonus tolls are cheap on that route.