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Versailles Night Fountain Show - Has anyone attended?

I was just wondering if anyone has attended the Night fountain show which includes fireworks at Versailles? I was just wondering how crowded it actually gets and if you would recommend it?

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We attended a couple of years ago in the summer and it was crowded. Not so much that it made the event a chore - it was very creative and interesting. But long before you're thinking about the fireworks, all the best viewing places on the grass (looking down the length of the Grand Canal) are being taken. Remember that nightfall comes very late in France in the summer.
So you'll either have to stake out a space there way early, thereby missing some time in the gardens, or you'll have to see the fireworks from off to the side.
I would definitely recommend it. In fact, we're going back this year.

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Well, the fireworks at Versailles sound fun. Bob, where did you purchase the tickets for the show? I know they are available online however, we will be visiting the site a few days prior. On Versailles website, the tour ticket office is marked. It is for purchasing tour tickets and there is no mention of the Fountain Night Show. I'm still waiting for a response back from Versailles.

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We went in the summer once and really enjoyed it. It was easy to take the train from Paris, and they wait until the show is over to board the return train. We went early, wandered around the town and took food and wine. You can wander around, see the lights, and watch the fireworks. It was crowded but there is plenty of room for everyone. We bought tickets in a department type store in Paris and you can also get them at Versailles.