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Versailles - KING'S PRIVATE Guided Tour narrow passages?

We are considering taking the tour, but my husband is concerned about the narrow passages mentioned in the description. The tour description states " This visit includes narrow passages not exceeding 80 cm." which doesn't make sense, are the passages a minimum of 80 cm wide?

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That what it says. The size of the narrow passages is 80 cm or less. That's pretty wide.

I'm not sure where the confusion arises.

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The more appropriate description would include the narrowest width of a passage and not the maximum width, I was wondering if they meant no less than 80 cm.

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The original French states:
Cette visite comporte des passages étroits n'excédant pas 80 cm

Which translates as:
This tour includes some narrow passages less than 80 cm wide.

But, implicitly, close to 80 cm.

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80 cm is 31 inches. So definitely a passageway and not a hallway. I suppose if someone was very broad shouldered or extremely claustrophobic they might have difficulty?