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Versailles - is garden admission covered by museum pass?

I am in Paris for two days in April, and would love to see Versailles since I did not go the last time I was in France. Unfortunately, the only day that I can make this trip happens to be Easter sunday.

I am planning on purchasing a Paris museum pass, so I don't need to buy a ticket to see the chateau. However, I read that I would need a separate ticket to see the gardens beginning in April.

Does anyone know if this is indeed the case? If so, is there any way I can buy this garden ticket in advance so I don't have to wait in line?

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When we went a few years ago the line to get into the chateax was really long and my husband didn't feel like waiting in it so we did the gardens instead. There was no line to speak of to get tickets.
I checked the website and I don't see where it says the gardens aren't included on the pass. Only during the musical water shows are the gardens not included.
You walk through the gardens to get to the Trianon and Marie Antoinette Estate.

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The gardens are free without a ticket anytime -- EXCEPT when they are doing the fountain show/music -- when that is going, you have to buy a ticket to enter that area and it is not covered by the Museum Pass.

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Yes.. you WILL have to buy a separate ticket to enter the gardens on the particular day you have chosen. As janet says.. its not everyday.. but on weekends , in season.. the answer is yes.

The ticket was 8 euros extra last time I went. The lines for it are very small if at all so don't worry about that.

However .. you CAN access the rest of the gardens EXCEPT the formal section near the palace without buying the ticket. What that requires however is that you walk around the outside walk of grounds till you get to the public access to Versailles grounds. Then you will be able to see the Trianons and Marie Antiontettes Hamlet with your museum pass.

So .. its up to you.

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thanks so much everyone! i will purchase the extra ticket online since it will be a weekend.

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There really is no need to purchase the garden ticket online. First off there is likely to be no line, as the entrance to that section of gardens is only assesible to those who have already entered palace and gone through security, most of whom will already have garden access. Since you will already have entered with your pass it will be fine, you'll see, but if you are really nervous go for it, but I wasn't aware they even sold the garden only tickets online, guess they do now so I just learned something!