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Versailles in Winter w/kids - Golf Carts Instead of Bikes for Trianon/Domaine?

Hi - our family will be in Paris in late December. We will go to Versailles for one day and reserve the timed entry tickets (plan to get the Paris Museum Pass). We want to see the whole estate including the Trianon Palaces and Domaine de Marie-Antoinette and while my kids ages 11 and 15 are both fit, boy do they complain when we have to walk a lot. As a result and to avoid their whining during our day trip, I was interested in the Fat Tire bikes, but I think that's too risky weather wise given it's late December. I have read you can get golf carts? This sounds perfect for me in terms of getting to Trianon/Domaine. But how easy are they to get? You cannot reserve in advance, correct? There is not a lot of specific info available that I can find.

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You’ll want to check the map of where they can actually go. The route is limited and the carts will turn off if you try to take them off the route. For example, you would need to park at the petite Trianon and walk to the Hameau.épliant%20Astel%2034,4x48%20-%20Intérieur%20EN.pdf

There is a tram also.

Start the kids walking more now. You will walk ALOT.

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Diana, three of us rented a golf cart when touring the gardens in fall 2016. No reservation. When we finished touring the palace we entered the garden and the rental carts were right there. There is also a second place in the garden for rentals. They did require my drivers license as a deposit on the cart. I think we ended up spending around 50-60 euros overall but it was well worth it. If I were ever to return to the gardens I would rent again. Here is a link to the Versailles site with a little explanation: golf carts

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We were there last month and enjoyed our golf cart. No reservations, but we booked an early time for the palace and were out ahead of the crowds later in the day. There is a prescribed route, but we saw all we wished to.

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Depending on what time of day, and how crowded, they can run out of golf carts. We rented one once after my 15 yo son had just had open heart surgery. They are expensive imo. Every trip before then, and every trip since (most recently 3 wks ago) we rent bikes, located by the Grand Canal. You can rent e-bikes as well as regular bikes. Price is very reasonable and bikes are way more fun than a golf cart, imo. You can go where you want (the grounds are massive), where golf carts can’t, and i would think your boys would really enjoy it. Used to be you could ride out to the hamlet and enter from the back but not anymore, now you have to park your bike and go through the Petit Trianon (my favorite part of Versailles), then walk to the hamlet (10 min walk).