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Versailles in August: buy tickets now, or wait for weather/rain forecast?


A few questions regarding Versailles:

  1. Passport with timed entry: has anyone bought this? Does it work as advertised (guaranteed entry within 30 minutes)?

  2. I know people generally suggest to pick a day with nice weather to visit Versailles. But am I safe to book my tickets online 2 weeks prior to my trip, when I have more information about the weather? We can go any day from Thursday, August 16 to Saturday, August 18. (No fountain/music, Musical garden day, or musical fountain plus night fountain day.) Is there a risk for the tickets to be sold out, especially for timed entry? When would you recommend buying the tickets?

  3. Musical gardens vs. fountains show: are there more fountains running during musical fountains show (in addition to Mirror fountain, water theater grove and neptune)?

  4. Musical fountain show vs. Night Fountain show: do they require separate tickets if offered on the same day?


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I can't answer your questions about Versailles tickets, but I want to warn you that weather predictions 2 weeks out are almost certainly going to be nearly useless. They'll probably just be each day's historical average. You have to get much, much closer to your travel dates to see something that might be reliable--and even then, precipitation forecasts seem to be a lot dicier than temperature forecasts. It really does make scheduling outdoor activities a challenge.

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We had the same weather concerns when we visited during the last week in August two years ago. We waited, watched, and purchased tickets online just a day or two in advance. We had the Museum Pass and purchased tickets for the King’s Apartment tour, which gave us a scheduled entry time and a comfortable sitting area to wait for the tour. We did not investigate the musical/fountain days. It worked very well for us, but maybe we just got lucky. Safe travels.