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Versailles guided tour

I have posted before about Versailles entrances, and after much research, I find it seems to be easy to sign up for a Palace Guided Tour. You enter through a building to the right before you enter the massive lines to go thru security. It's only 7E for the guided tour. This is on top of the cost of the Museum Pass I plan to buy. Seems like a no brainer. Please let me know your experience if you have done this.

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The Kings Apartment tour was the best 7€ we ever spent. We ordered our tickets online. There’s a comfortable waiting area with bathrooms until your group is called. The extra tour was a bonus compared to the ease factor alone. I read about it on this forum. Have a great visit.

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Hi, I plan to visit Versailles this June and spending the night before at the Waldorf Astoria next to the palace. We are looking for skip the line tours as well as we won’t have 2 extra hours to wait in line that day. Did this plan work for you?

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We took the tour last fall, buying our tickets online before leaving for Europe. When we arrived at 8:40 a.m. there were about 30-40 people in line at the regular entrance, which would not have been a bad wait to get through security. Our private tour ran a few minutes late and it was quite dull, consisting of a recitation about the period pieces in the rooms and where they had come from. The most titillating tidbit given was that the King liked his dogs and allowed them into a particular room. By the time we emerged from the private tour and were shown the special staircase by which we could enter upstairs to reach the Hall of Mirrors, the hallways were clogged with people. We would have been better off arriving about 8:00-8:15 and using the regular entrance. I would not try to dissuade anyone from taking the private tour but this was our experience, and none of us would do it again.

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JMuller, I will be going to Versailles on April 17th, I have purchased three tickets for the guided tour to the king's apartment. Very easy process online through the Versailles official website. I will post back after my trip and let you know what I thought. The only reason I did it was to avoid a possible line. As another poster pointed out they may not be a line but we didn't want to take the chance.