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Versailles Guided Tour

We plan to arrive early one morning to tour Versailles. We saw that there is also a guided tour offered by the palace of the King's apartment.

If we book this 9:30am guided tour, do we still need to arrive as early? I have read in some places that the guided tour meets somewhere else so you do not have to go through the same security line. The website says it meets at the guided tour reception area (Aile des Ministres Nord).

Does the guided tour also take you through the Hall of Mirrors, etc. or do you have to do that on your own before or after? I am guessing that since the guided tour starts at 9:30am, you would have to see it after since you probably would not already be inside. If that is the case, is it better not to do the guided tour and to get into the Hall of Mirrors first thing before the crowds arrive?

Any tips would be appreciated...

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The guided tour allows you to see more and I'm sure will not skip the most famous part. You need not be so early, since you will go through a separate entrance, but I might still aim for 15 minutes early.

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So you think the guided tour includes the Hall of Mirrors then? I just didn't know if it just takes you to the extra rooms and then you are on your own for the normal stuff.

If anyone has done the guided tour and can share, I would appreciate it!

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I was there last month. The guided tour was great. I paid for the E18 passport ticket and the E7 discounted tour ticket. You'll have to show both tickets when you check in for your tour.

Just skipping the extremely long line at 9am was worth paying the E7 for the guided tour!! But really, that was the only part of the Chateau my family enjoyed. The guided tour was fantastic. The rooms were gorgeous, it wasn't crowded and we learned a lot. I heartily recommend it. We were there on a Thursday, which is not supposed to be a particularly crowded day. But the "normal" rooms of the chateau were a nightmare and my family was wishing we had not bothered with that part of the experience - but we couldn't find an exit and pretty much had to go with the enormous crowds of people through all of the rooms before we could escape.

I very highly recommend the private tour!

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Hi Seahunt - wondering if you had your trip to Versailles yet and have any feedback on your question above? I just booked the same tour at the 9:45 time slot so wondering if we should do a quick run of the palace before our tour starts.


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Andrea, I read on a previous post on another forum (TA) that I found, that there isn't enough time to try to do both. I was thinking the same thing...hoping that we could get there early and buzz through the rooms. Unfortunately, I do believe you have to get to the meeting point for the Apartment tour ahead of time (ours leaves at 9:30). So, you don't really have time to run into the palace, see rooms, and then run to the tour's meeting point. I think you have two choices, show up at least an hour before Versailles opens and make it through the famous rooms without anyone there. Or, buy the Private Apartments of the King tour and see those rooms without a crowd. I do believe the Hall of Mirrors and other famous rooms will be busy by the time the tour is over. I'll find out in September!

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Question- if you have the Paris Museum Pass that covers admission to Versailles, do you then just purchase an add-on for the Apartments Tour or do you need a whole new complete ticket for the grounds and the Apartments?

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Hi Julie - thanks for the input! We are also going the first week in September so we might bump shoulders!

Nancy - Per a few other posts I've found - you can get into Versailles with the Paris Museum pass and then all you have to do is purchase the additional tour through the Versailles website and print out the tickets at home before you leave.