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Vent des Greves in Mont Saint Michel

I am trying to book Vent des Greves, from RS France, for three nights in late April but am not able to get a response from my direct email or their online form after six days. Does anyone have any experience with this property? I about to move on even thought this is my first choice. How long do you usually wait to hear before you give up. I am assuming that they are not responding because they do not have availability but I easily could be wrong.

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That is awesome! Your kindness gave me a much needed smile today as things have been a bit rough here. I appreciate the information. I tried to call them but I am sorry to say that my cell phone contract would not allow the call to go through and I am not sure it is worth activating international calling for this one call. I will be patient and give them more time to respond.

I'm looking for one double room, 1 bed, 2 adults, 3 nights April 22 checking out April 25 so I still have time.

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Skype is fantastic for making a phonecall to France and it's very inexpensive. The world certainly is a smaller place now.

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Renee, also consider a land line if available to you. Many land line charges to foreign countries are quite reasonable, in my experience.

Great help there, woinparis-good on you!

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Woinparis - that really goes beyond the call of duty - Bravo for you!

Renee - this is a holiday period in France, so the hotel might be short-handed or very busy. Normally, emails pile up for a couple of weeks before someone who speaks English answers them. If you don't want to wait for an email, and if you want to book this hotel, you will have to call them.

If you don't have a friend with an International Calling Plan, who will let you pay him back for the call, here's another alternative.

You can purchase International Calling Cards in almost any drugstore in the US and throughout the world. The cards are pre-paid - prices vary from 5 dollars upwards - and you just follow the easy instructions on the back, using your regular US home phone. You can top up the IC card over the phone with a credit card, if need be.

Remember to call during reasonable hours in France - 10 AM CST is 5 PM Paris time. The call should cost around 5 dollars, if you have all your questions ready.

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Just a note to the OP -
This will be school vacation time in Europe - Mont St Michel's vacation period will be busy from at least 21 April through 7 May.

Other countries and different parts of France will observe practically the whole month of April.
If you really want to book this place, you should get on the phone and not wait.