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VAT forms at CDG with Pablo: opposite advice online

One says that after you click your barcode on the Pablo machine, that is all you have to do.
Another says you MUST mail the form after you click the barcode.

Do we mail the form so Pablo can collect from the store?

Where is the VAT area at CDG when flying United?

Thanks to all.

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The machine just approves the form; it still has to be mailed back to the store or the middleman they are using.

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I believe United is in Terminal 1 and the Pablo kiosk is on the check in level. I've done this twice in the past, last time being in 2016. You take the completed form, scan the barcode at the kiosk to validate it, then put the forms in the provided envelope and mail it right there (there's a mailbox right there). You get the refund on your bank card in a few weeks. I've never had an issue with it and it takes just a couple of minutes if there's no line. I think you can also take it to the Cash Paris desk and exchange it for euros (this is instead of mailing the form). I've never done it this way.