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Vaccine Booster Clarification

My family and I are planning travel to France in June. We are fully vexed and boosted with Janssen (J&J), which is listed as acceptable on the French Consulate website. However, there is some language about an MRNA booster (which my wife cannot get because of allergies and U.S. is not recommending additional boosters for J & J at this time. My daughter (15) has received Pfizer shots.

Where do I get clarification about whether or J&J vaccines/booster are acceptable for entry?


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We had this same problem. I contacted the American embassy in Paris. According to them, the booster must be an mRNA vaccine to receive the pass vaccinal. . To get the pass for restaurants, museums etc, one needs the pass vaccinal. Who knows if they will even have the pass by June. Good luck with this
It is stressful.

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Everything I have read says that the booster must be an mRNA booster.