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Using RER to get from Gare de Lyon to Arc de Triomphe area

We are arriving in Paris by train at the Gare de Lyon around 4 PM on a Thursday afternoon. Our hotel is near the Arc de Triomph. It appears that there is an RER that is very convenient for that trip. My question is whether we should attempt this with roll aboard luggage? We are in our 70s and in good health and would normally take the metro but, our concerned about having both our roller luggage and a bag on top of it for each person. There are four in our group. I have no idea how many stairs there are in the various subway and RER stations. Also, I wonder about the pickpocket risk of doing that. The trip is so much shorter by RER rather than by Uber or taxi. Any suggestions?

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Disclaimer; I am not a inhabitant of Paris, but I have looked on the RATP website and it looks like there is a straight connection from the gare du Lyon to the Charles de Gaulle Etoile (Etiole). That said on the RATP website there is an accessibility area where you can down load maps. Pay attention, because some times the better part of valor is to walk an extra block but have access to an escalator or an elevator. There are multiple exit at the Etiole, so that may be an option for you there.
My advice is down load the app as it is useful and free.

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The only way to avoid pickpocketing is to be pickpocket proof. In transit with all my stuff, I use a money belt under my clothes and then stow my passport, money extra cards etc security in my lodging. Public transport is a good place to be pickpocketed, but the best places are the Eiffel Tower and Louvre. You have to always be pickpocket proof.

The A runs from Gare du Lyon to Etoille -- both stations are accessible with elevators and escalators -- if you don't see the signs ask an information clerk.

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You’ll have escalators and elevators to get down to the RER. Is everyone in your group comfortable rolling a suitcase onto an escalator? I’m your age group and do it frequently, but some our age need elevators. The RER is usually well-equipped.