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Use of technology for listening to the RS museum tour

I have a Samsung phone... I have not downloaded the fancy shmancy RSteves tour app yet....

But the the thing I need to know is 1) and forgive me here, some of you are just more tech savvy than I am and i just don't on some of this stuff..... so.... I'm wondering if I'm going to need more juice (battery life) for my phone? If I have that phone out on tour all day I'm not sure how long that charge will last before it goes south on me ? is that something I should pop into a Verizon state and ask them about? that would be the pitts (have another word here actually, but playing nice)..... if my phone lost its charge during a tour of the great artists in the museums). the pictures I've seen, E V E R Y B O D Y has plugs in their ears on those tours....... Hmmm... (hand on chin with one eyebrow up).

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It is just like a podcast. Any audio file. Like any MP3. Once you put the phone in your pocket the screen will go black. Turn off the GPS - it doesn't use it. Turn off all the radios - you won't want to pay for cellular data anyway (BIG $$$) and the app doesn't use wifi.

You will know your phone better than anybody here - do you usually have battery problems?

BTW - there are lots and lots of Samsung phone models out there.

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thank you. No, I dont usually have battery problems. I just don't know what to expect on a lonnng tour day is all...... because I won't be able to charge till I get back to hotel room - I don't think. Thank you for the tips.

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cathy-as Nigel points out, it's like playing any music or other file, sure, it will use some juice. However, with your data switched off-except perhaps when wifi is available-most of the time and the fact that you are there to see the sights, you'll be saving that normal power draw and you won't be using your phone all that much anyway. Charge the phone in the evenings and use it when you like.
For me, personally, I am not inclined to listen to a tour, I'd rather hear the person leading the group, or listen to others around me to know their observations of a given attraction or work of art. Earbuds insulate me from my surroundings, so I avoid doing this, but that's just me.
Have a great trip!

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I agree with Nigel's comments, and have a few to add.....

  • Unless you're expecting a call, I agree that it would be a good idea to keep the phone in "Airplane mode" as that will disable all the transceivers and thus conserve power.
  • Be sure that the phone is fully charged when you take it out touring.
  • When not actually listening to an audio tour, keep the phone "off" (ie: don't listen to your music collection).
  • Try a "test run" at home before you depart on your trip. Set the phone to play audio files and then watch to see how long it goes before the battery runs down. If you find that the battery depletes very quickly, you could consider packing along an auxiliary battery which would provide much longer running time.

I'm not familiar with Samsung phones, but find that my iPhone lasts for quite awhile if just using it to listen to music. When travelling I always keep it fully charged as much as possible, and have never had any problems with power capacity when listening to audio files.

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Don't forget, the Audio Europe app is free. After you install it, you can go ahead to download the cities and topics that most interest you while you're at home, using your favorite Wi-Fi connection. They'll be stored on your phone, with no further need to use Wi-Fi or cellular data in Europe.