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Oh Great! I arrive on the morning of March 22. Taxi, if I can get one, I guess.
What about March 23? We have a tickets to Versailles at 9:00? Is there a bus?

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Closer to the anticipated strike time announcements will be made as to how many metros, RERs will be affected. Usually there is not a complete shut down but much reduced service making all transportation crowded and chaotic, This is France; chaos, maximum confusion and inconvenience is what we're working for.
You'll probably be able to get where you want to go but slower, in a mass. The Local article said the strike would be until 8am Friday the 23rd.

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The last time I flew into CDG, there was a national rail strike, which included RATP. We could have gotten to Gare Montparnasse by RATP/Metro, but service was reduced, so we took the Air France bus (now Le Bus). Not surprisingly, traffic was very heavy, but we made pretty good time.