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Under 25 Car Rental

I'm traveling to Provence for a few days this summer, and we are looking to rent a car. I am under 25, and the young driver fees are looking a bit vague for many of these rental companies...

Does anyone have a company they recommend for our situation - or just a company they strongly recommend in general for car rentals in the region?

Thank you! 

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Check with Enterprise. At least domestically they allow under 25 drivers for an additional fee, and the fee is well spelled out, when you make a reservation. There's usually a box to check that says <25. Our kids always used Enterprise for rentals before they turned 25. (It used to be prorated depending how old you are, and how close you are to 25.
We are renting with Enterprise in France, but are not under 25. Oh to be young, again!

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Ya, and now that I am 82, I getting the same fees again. O' to be middle age again.

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We looked at car rental agencies for our under 25 yo son and found that Enterprise and Fox allowed under 25 to rent (for an additional fee.)

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Recently rented a car in France from Alamo. Unfortunately, my wallet with my husband's and my driver's license was stolen at a train station in a previous city. This made my under-25 son the renter of record. The charge for a young driver was 26.67e/day.