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We will be in Paris for a couple of weeks early March. I have been reading that using an Uber is preferred over the Taxi service. In consideration of using an Uber, can anyone share their experience with using the Uber app in Paris? And if it costs too much once they exchange the rate to American dollars? Thank you in advance!

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I have heard the opposite, that taxis in Paris are preferred over Uber. For one thing, Uber pick ups at the airport are difficult - rather, go to the official taxi rank, flat rate of 50€ to the Right Bank or 55€ to the Left. For another, taxis are allowed to use the designated bus lanes, which allows them to get through heavy traffic easier than Uber. The official Taxis Parisiens, such as G7, are highly regulated and reliable, which has been my personal experience in 3 trips over the past 4 years.

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My experiences with Uber in Paris have been completely positive. The credit card I use in the app doesn’t charge a foreign currency conversion fee, so there’s no additional expense.

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There's no reason a credit card charge for Uber would be handled differently from a charge in a restaurant or shop, but I suppose Uber might opt for offering riders the option of paying in their own currency. That's the "dynamic currency conversion" process that is cropping up here and there. Do not accept that choice if it is offered. Stick with euros to avoid a very poor exchange rate.

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I have used Uber and taxis in Paris. Uber works exactly the same way in Paris that they work in the US. I have my Uber account linked to a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees so the exchange rate is not an issue. Recently, after taking the advice of some full-time residents of Paris, I switched to Chauffeur Prive. Some people prefer Ubers to taxis but it is not more convenient for getting from the airport. Within the city, the question of whether to take Uber or other VTC vs. Taxi is something that I make based on where I am and how close I am to a taxi stand and if I am near a taxi stand, if there are any taxis waiting for passengers.

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I agree that the dynamic currency charge is not worth it. You will be charged the going rate for dollars, not euros.
Just look for the overhead TAXI sign at CDG and get in line. No luggage fees apply, and the rates above are correct.

Uber cannot use the short-term parking at CDG and cannot pick up passengers - you have to look for them. Uber cannot pick up passengers on the street if you have not paid for their services first.

If you want to hail a TAXI, go to a busy intersection, and look for the taxi with a green light. If it's red, it is unavailable.