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Two-three nights stay outside of Paris

I will be in Paris 9/1-9/15. I have two nights 9/15 and 9/16 to travel outside of Paris, then back to Paris for the 17th for the flight back home (California) on the 18th. I know my itinerary is a bit goofy, but it is how it worked out. It is so hard to decide on where to go for the two nights, but have some simple criteria: easy train ride, and not too far out since we need to get back on the 17th. Thinking of Rouen, or Lyon, but can’t decide. Any preferences of towns and where to stay? Thank you in advance.

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hey hey ward87 cities near paris 10 best places to visit in france outside paris pretty french towns near paris 10 places to go in france outside paris top ten french towns outside paris
train to the french basque region and the towns near the atlantic side
so many choices for you to read up on and decide what's best for you

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Do you have to return to Paris to catch a return flight home? What is the remaining itinerary after Paris? With 3 nights at the end of a trip to Paris, I would go to London via Eurostar and fly home or travel onward from there, avoid the round trip to Paris. London certainly qualifies as an "easy" train ride. Otherwise with just 2 nights consider Lille or Avignon with TGV service.

Edit: I agree with another poster that such a side trip would work better earlier or in the middle of your 2 weeks vs the last couple of days of your stay if you have to return to CDG on that final day. Hence why I like the idea of London...and head onward from there.

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ward87, many American posters here attach great importance to the D-Day beaches. But because you haven't filled out your profile, we can't tell if you're American.

Have you been to France before? Would you prefer a big city where you can walk to most things for the two days? Will you have local visits (like Vernon or Chantilly) while in Paris? Do you like art, hiking, food?

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if you are flying out of Paris then going out of town the last two days is a bad idea -- would be better to do that the first two days or even in the middle.

Lyon is a great two night town as is Strasbourg.