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Trying to understand vax passport rules


I have gone on the US embassy webpage and the French gov. pages. Here is my dilemma as someone who is double vaccinated and boosted. The French website indicates that to have the vaccine pass (needed for entry to anything a tourist would want to do/see), a tourist who received two doses of vaccine, must have booster no later than four months after my second injection.

I work in a hospital so got my first vaccine in Dec 2020 and my second, 2 weeks later on Jan 12, 2020. However, the CDC/FDA did not approve boosters for healthcare workers until September (and I got mine Sept 24, 2021) which is clearly longer than four months after my second injection. Does this mean I won't qualify for a vaccine pass? This seems very odd to me and I have searched the FAQs without being able to find the answers.

Any help greatly appreciated as we are hoping to go to Provence in May.

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This has been gone over in previous posts dozens and dozens of times. You are good. No problem. Furthermore, chances are good that the Pass will no longer be required at all in May.

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Thanks Bets. I admit I only searched thru 2 pages of the France travel posts. Figured anything prior to Feb 1, when the rules changed, wouldn't be accurate. It would be great if the rules changed (or if I was allowed a second booster 😎).

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The pass vaccinal may not be required for much longer, but France's entry requirements are unlikely to change, as they do not directly affect French citizens.

The Covid shot protocol, granting visitors entry into France, requires 3 doses, of which the booster must be the mRNA vaccine.

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Tocard. I am not sure the requirement is 3 shots. Since one J&J shot is considered fully vaccinated in France; those with J&J should be able to get an MNRA booster and be eligible for entry with two shots. Obviously no one should rely on. randos on the internet but I read the embassy statement about who is considered fully vaccinated and that is how it reads to me. And yeah, the 4 and 9 mos stuff is confusing.

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Since one J&J shot is considered fully vaccinated in France

The one J&J shot is not considered fully vaccinated in France.

Une dose additionnelle est nécessaire à la validité du pass sanitaire obtenu par injection du vaccin Janssen.

To complete the original shot sequence, those receiving only the J&J shot were required to obtain a second vaccination of either Pfizer or Moderna.

Une dose additionnelle d’un vaccin à ARN messager (Pfizer-BioNTech pour le public de tout âge ou Moderna à compter de 30 ans) doit désormais être administrée

France's Covid inoculation protocol currently consists of 3 shots.

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Here is what the French embassy says:

"You are considered fully vaccinated:

28 days after one dose of the Janssen vaccine ;
7 days after the second dose for the other vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) (Pfizer/Comirnaty, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Vaxzevria/Covishield) ;
For people who have received all the required doses of a vaccine authorized by the WHO which has not been recognized by the EMA, 7 days after one additional dose of a messenger RNA vaccine recognized by the EMA.
Please note: Since January 30, 2022, persons 18 years of age or older who have received one of the above-mentioned vaccines must, in order for their vaccination schedule to remain complete beyond 9 months, have received, regardless of the vaccine initially administered, a complementary dose of a messenger RNA vaccine that has been granted a marketing authorization by the European Medicines Agency"

What that says to me is that one does of J&J followed by an appropriately timed booster is acceptable.