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Trying to Get from Nice to Turin

I am getting very frustrated trying to figure out how to get from Nice, France to Turin, Italy.
I know there is a connector town called Ventimiglia but I can't seem to find out the schedule from Rail Europe on how to travel from Nice to Turin on Sunday, June 8th.

My travel plan is to go on June 5th from Milan -> Ventimiglia ->Nice and then return on June 8th going from Nice -> Turin somehow.
Do I need to go to Milan? Rail Europe isn't showing me any towns I have to transfer in. I'm soooo frustrated.

I really want to have a few days along the sea but this European train network is making me consider dropping the jaunt to the South of France. Help!

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raileurope is primarily intended to sell Americans railpasses and does not have full details of rail services. As LeeB suggested, use to find schedules for much of Europe.

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Stop looking at raileurope. National train sites have better info and better prices. is the best site for findihg schedule info for all European train systems.

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Hopefully, you have seen enough to stop using RailEurope for your rail planning. The German train website if by far the best in Europe for planning your rail trip. Somehow, they have taken the time to incorporate schedules from most of the different train systems in Europe. It's really the best. Unfortunately, you can't buy the tickets from them unless your trip originates or ends in Germany or Austria. Let's look at a few things. First, here's what Bahn shows for June 5 from Milan to Nice Ville (the train station you want). Notice that there is not a dearth of trains. You do have choices. First, you will be taking an intercity train from Milano Centrale to Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is an Italian border town where you change to the French trains. The Trenitalia trains do not go into France (at least not yet they don't). Then, you take a 47-minute ride on a French regional train to Nice Ville.

Next, here is a snapshot of the train schedule from Nice Ville to Torino Porta Nuovo on Sunday, June 8. It's a bit longer trip as you are coming 1/2 way back to Genoa to Savona and then routing NE to Torino. The transfer point differs on these runs so while on Bahn, just press the red button on the left and the routing will open up.

Now for tickets. No big worry here as the trains are either Italian intercity trains or regional trains. Regional trains are like your local bus system. You can walk up, buy your ticket, validate it to make it active and then jump on board. No seat reservations ever. No discounts either so you can easily buy the tickets there as you need them. They don't sell out either as you can stand if there are no seats. Again, it's like you local bus or light rail system.

For the Italian intercity trains, you do need seat reservations. And, you can buy these tickets in advance from You can buy non-refundable discounted tickets for these runs. Regular base fare from Milano Centrale to Ventimiglia is 30Euro but you can get the discounted fares as low as 9Euro. Here's a snapshot that shows most of the train runs for June 5.

So here's my suggested travel plan if you wish to purchase the discounted tickets. If you don't, you can wait until you get to Milan to buy them.

1) Go to Purchase one of the runs shown above for 9Euro from Milano Centrale to Ventimiglia (use the Italian spelling I have shown). Unfortunately, Trenitalia will not show you the run to Nice. When you get to Ventimiglia, buy your ticket to Nice Ville. Don't worry. Plenty of trains.

2) Here's a snapshot of the June 8 schedule from Ventimiglia to Torino (not Turin). Not too much of a possible discount but you can purchase most of the runs shown. For the runs with all regionale trains, Trenitalia will not sell you these tickets online more than 7 days out from the time of travel. I've looked and the fare for the 10:30 run is 11.85Euro. If you want this run, you can buy it at the station in Milan before you depart for Nice. Another nice feature of buying regionale train tickets while in Italy and not online is that they are good for 60 days. No train information is shown on the tickets. Just the 60-day date window, point A, point B and the class 1st or 2nd. When you are ready to depart Nice, just buy your ticket to Ventimiglia. At Ventimiglia, you will need to board only a regionale train from Ventimiglia to the Point B shown on the ticket. Do not board any of the intercity trains. Your ticket won't work there. Be sure to validate all regionale tickets.

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Do use the DB for train schedules. Rail Europe's ticket shopping cart usually cannot handle a route with more than one connection, and most departures from Nice to Torino have two connections. Rail Europe also only shows what is has for sale, which is not necessarily all trains.

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Thank you so much everyone! Grazie mille tutti!! :)

I didn't know if it was me or if the different train sites were particularly problematic. I tried Trenitalia and then Rail Europe and it took me 45 minutes to attempt different routes leaving me in utter confusion. And this was for the 1st week of my trip so I didn't want to mess up and get stranded.