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Hello Friends,
Can I buy a ticket the same day from Gare st. Lazare to Trouville and definitely get a seat on the train? My flight arrives At CDG @ 9 am on a weekday. I will take the taxi to Gare St. Lazare. I just don't know if I must buy a ticket for a certain train time? Because I am not certain when I would get to the station. I want to get a direct train to trouville. Can you please advise me. Also, the knees are somewhat compromised so I am looking for the best method of arriving at the train station, purchasing and getting positioned the best I can to catch the train. Any other pointers will be super helpful. Traveling light, of course!!!!
Thanking you in advance for your replies. I appreciate it tremendously. I really depend and value this community. It makes all the diffrence in having a stress free wonderful travel experience

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If by direct, you mean not having to make a change, you may have to change your plans. Most trains to Trouville from Paris in the middle of the day (when you will be traveling) require you to make a connection. When I went to Trouville in 2015, the train that left at around 9 AM (the one we took) was direct and there was a direct train at around 3:45. If you arrive at CDG at 9 AM, you should comfortably be able to make the 1:43 PM train from Gare St. Lazare but that train requires a connection to get to Trouville. I suggest the 1:43 because the usual advice that I see (and give) is to allow 4 hours between ETA for your flight and the departure time for a train leaving from Paris. I like buying my ticket ahead of time because (I) it allows me to avoid having to validate/compost the ticket (not a big deal to do but I like not having to do it), (ii) I like having my ticket when I get to the train station, and (iii) I hate waiting in line and every time I have had to buy a ticket at the train station, it has taken me longer than I planned for (if I plan a 10 minute wait in line, it takes 15, if I plan 15, it takes 20, etc.).

As to whether you can wait to buy the ticket until the date of travel, that really depends on when you are traveling. I hope that a person who has taken this train often can chime in on the odds of the train selling out. The train I took in 2015 was full but Paris was in the middle of a major heat wave at the time and I was told that a lot of Parisians were going to Normandy to escape the heat.

If your knees are compromised, I suggest taking for 50€ for up to four people from CDG to the train station. Mass transit will require maybe more walking than you want to do.

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Also, since these aren't TGV trains, but Intercity trains, seats aren't automatically reserved. You can pay extra to reserve a seat, though.

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Brilliant information !! Thank you so much. I am following your sage advice. I will purchase a ticket for the 1:43 train. Such valuable info regarding the train changes. Much appreciated to you both