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Troubleshooting the Louvre website, help!

I bought a Museum pass for the Louvre. When I go to the site to book a time slot in which is mandatory the calendar will not accept my CLICK. Nothing happens. It shows the date available but it doesn't even give me a chance to put in my pass or voucher number. I am desperate. I do not want to go all the way to Paris to see the Museum and the time slots are all full.
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You only need to reserve a time slot. Nothing more. The Louvre sells the Paris Museum pass.
Click on tickets on the Louvre website.
1 Choose your date.
2 Next choose your time.
3 Choose other visitors entitled to free admission and choose the number of reservations—ie one person, two people.
4 Scroll down to 4 and press confirm
A new screen appears that says “Your Basket”. Click on confirm your order at the bottom.
Next you have a screen where you fill in the names.
Click payment and the option to print or open on your phone appears.

There is no need to fill in any pass information. As long as you have your reservation in hand and the Paris Museum Pass with you, you can enter.

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I always try a different browser when something weird happens... like if you are trying in Chrome, use Safari, or Firefox etc... instead and see if it makes a difference.

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Also check that you have active extensions like Adblock or Ghostery on your browser. Sometimes they prevent certain operations from being validated

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Wow, Thank you to all of you!! I really didn't expect a reply in time. I use to use trip advisor for questions but the time delay is a problem... Thank you again they all worked!