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Trip Update - Provence

Hi all. Wanted to give brief update on our trip thus far for anyone interested.
Started in Avignon - cdc card accepted as my pass sanitaire never came. Went to Les Halles food hall and really enjoyed our walk around of the old city.
We went to Aix yesterday (no masks outdoors) dined at a Cafe and my husband used his pass sanitaire and they were fine with my CDC card.
We went to the market in L'ilse sur la Sorgue for market day and it was PACKED! Some of the narrow streets shoulder to shoulder. We heard/saw the first other Americans of the trip at the market (everyone wearing masks in market area).
We are back in Rouissllon this evening which is the most charming Luberon town.

Headed to Paris later this week. Happy to answer any questions if I can help.

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Good to hear your update! I hope you'll continue to enjoy your trip! I've still got two weeks to go before departure and appreciate reading about others' experience on the ground.

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Yes, thank you for the report. How far in advance did you apply for the pass sanitaire? And you said one didn't arrive in time? We have just applied for ours and we are a little more than 6 weeks from travel.

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Thank you William!

Boarding in Chicago shortly then catching the train at CDG to Marne des Vallee on InOui and transfer to a OUIGO to Aix TGV with no Pass Sanitares. Hoping we have your good luck!

I’m really tempted to cancel the trains tomorrow so we can go into Paris and get Covid tests for the train (airport testing is full).

Did you rent a car in Avignon to get around?

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We applied for the pass sanitaire Aug 16 originally and then again on the new portal on 8/28 and only my husband's ever came.

CALIMOM- yes, we rented a car in Avignon, the car rentals are directly out front of the TGV station. It has been wonderful to have to be able to explore the area and visit towns of our choosing on a whim. Plus the drives alone are breathtaking (& nerve wracking!). We drove from Apt to Aix through Lourmarin and it was gorgeous and some of the windiest roads I've ever been on! I can't imagine seeing this area with out a car (but I also did not look into public transportation at all).

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Excellent Report---------------we visit Provence in 2 weeks-----how widespread was the use of masks? you mentioned NOT on streets in Aix?------same in Avignon?------Isle sur la Sorgue always packed and know masks in Markets are mandatory
did you visit Loumarin Market?

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Currently deciding if we should rent a car or rely on transit. Nice to hear your report.
Did you book your hotels in advance, and your just doing the day trip part on a “whim”?

Rick steves book says the Sunday market at isle sur la surgue is the best one. Too bad it’s packed- or maybe that’s how it always is? Maybe it’s packed with locals. Was it great? Maybe I should skip it for a less busy one.

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Rmorgan--I've been in the south of France for two months. You'll need to wear a mask indoors always, at markets, and anywhere there are a lot of people. In my department, l'Hérault, they are required outside in populated areas, but we pull them onto our chins when no one is around. Whether masks are mandatory outside in the Vaucluse ( Avignon) or the Bouches du Rhône (Aix), I don't know, but you should proceed as if they are. They are always mandatory inside. It's a normal part of life here

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Thanks comments abt Masks-------------we always visit Nice Aix Avignon know area quite well--------understand
mask rules vary Dept/Dept and indoor/outside Markets (just like here in Canada) are mandatory everywhere---had hoped to experience Promenade Anglais without them but let's hope next year back to normal!

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So glad you are having a good trip! We were in France in late July and also found that our CDC cards were accepted everywhere, pas de problème (however this was before the Passe Sanitaire was available to foreigners).

I don’t know if you’re looking for anything to do in Paris, but I wanted to mention a tour we did, Retro Tours Paris. We buzzed around the city in motorcycle side cars and it was an absolute blast. Right up to the Eiffel Tower, around the Arc de Triumphe, through the winding streets of the Latin Quarter, etc…. We were a group of 6 (family of four plus grandparents), ranging in age from 15 to 72. Everyone, and I mean everyone, remembers this as a highlight. My husband and I have been to Paris a number of times before, and we felt this little tour was one of the best ways we have experienced the city. So much fun!

I hope you continue to have a wonderful time on your trip!

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Quick update - we arrived in Paris.
Took SCNF TGV from Avignon to Gare du Lyon - staff just checked our tickets, no pass sanitaire.
Staying in the 4th - Cafe we went to last night accepted my cdc card no problem.

And woke to a surprise this morning - the arrival of my pass sanitaire in my email!

Paris is as lovely as ever! (Hot today!) But cooling down a bit the rest of the week!