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Trip to Paris in June or July

I don't have flight reservations yet. I'm wondering for those of you who live there or have traveled there since the pandemic, will we find museums, restaurants and shops open? In the U.S. quite a number of businesses where I live went out of business during the pandemic. Just wonder what to expect. I'll have to see if I can get a flight reservation. Thanks.

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Everything is open. Some shops (mostly clothing stores) and restaurants have indeed closed down during the pandemic, but not that many - you will not encounter much more empty storefronts than usual. The streets are certainly as busy and lively as usual these days, and if all goes well, should be even more so by June.

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We just got back from Paris this week and spent 6 weeks there. Everything is back to normal for the most part. People are wearing masks on transport and indoor venues -- but those venues are up and running. The biggest change is the need to reserve places like museums and so you do need to plan a few days ahead on that. We could not go to the Louvre on the day we intended because it was sold out and had to go the next day; Hotel de la Marine was also sold out the day I initially intended to visit and we had to reschedule that, but other than that everything was up and running. We don't dine in restaurants a lot but every restaurant we wanted to book was open. I am sure there are businesses that went under just as elsewhere, but those that didn't are functioning normally with COVID protocols. Who knows what those will by by summer?

The flights were full and there is a lot of pent up travel demand so I would not let reserving go too late. I doubt there will be bargains late in the day.

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Sharon, We haven't been in July but early June was beautiful. And very little crowds as most kids are in school and the summer travel isn't in full swing yet. The weather was mild and very sunny.
It remains to be seen but this summer might be a rush to return to Europe for many. I would book early June myself.

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I noted a couple of closed restaurants in "my neighborhood", lol when I was there in Sept/Oct but otherwise, everything else was open for business. Since the restaurants I saw are in great locations I suspect they will have reopened by next summer unless something else is going on with the spaces. Museums are open except for some closed for reno but that is typical.

I'd choose June over July but I'm not tolerant of heat. If this is a consideration, do get lodging with AC.

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June is definitely my preference - the weather is still very nice and canicules (heat waves) are less likely - though this summer it got quite hot for a bit in June.