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Trianon Palaces & Marie-Antoinete's estate

1) I will be arriving via RER to Versailles rive gauche. Where can I catch the shuttle to
the Trianon Palaces and can I pay onboard.
2) Does a ticket to the Trianon Palaces allow entrance to the Palace Gardens. Can
I enter at Trianon walk thru the gardens and exit near the main palace. (I will visit the
palace on another day)
Thank you.

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The gardens and grounds of Versailles are completely free, everyday EXCEPT on days they do the fountain shows.. which is weekends in season and some Tuesdays

1) sorry I have never taken this route so can't help

2) Just go on the website and confirm you have not chosen a Tuesday they are doing the show.. and avoid weekend.. and yes.. you can walk around entire grounds and gardens free. This assumes you have paid for admission to Marie Antionettes Hamlet or have a museum pass. If you do not wish to pay to go in the Hamlet you can still walk around the Trianons for free. I love the view from the flower garden behind the Grand Trianon.. right up the canal to the palace in distance.. magical.

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The only part of the gardens that are closed on fountain day are the gardens immediately surrounding the palace where the fountains are turned on the music is turned up! For that reason I believe that you cannot enter the grounds beyond the fountain gardens on these days if you enter through the main entrance at the front of the chateau. I could be totally wrong about that though.
If you enter the palace grounds from the north side on foot, then you can go into the grounds from there to the grand and petite trianons, which are right near that entrance. You can have a taxi take you to the Queen's Gate on the Boulevard St. Antoine. Tourists don't use this entrance much, it's mostly used by locals that use the grounds for jogging or bike riding. Walk straight through the gate, down Allee St. Antoine and then turn right onto the path called Avenue de Trianon; it leads right to the buildings.
You can buy a ticket just for the trianons either online or at the buildings themselves. 10 euros.
On any other day you can enter through the front of the palace and just walk through to the gardens. If you would rather, you can catch the shuttle from the north terrace of the chateau or take the very lovely walk down the steps behind the palace towards the grand canal and catch it form there. Here is a link to the shuttle's website.