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Tree nut allergy

We are traveling to Paris and Normandy, with our 3 year old grandson who has significant tree nut allergies. I am wondering if anyone knows of restaurants that identify foods that are nut free.

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I know of no restaurants that identify meals as nut-free if by that you mean a list of some type posted somewhere. I am not sure if it is still open but Thank You My Dear on rue Saint Maur specializes in gluten-free food and are sensitive to allergies and might be able to meet your needs if it is still in business. A friend of mine has mentioned that L'Initial on Rue de Bievre in the 5th is very sensitive to allergies -- not sure how good a fit that will be for a 3-year old. My adult brother who is allergic to nuts highly recommends allergy cards and has found that expensive restaurants in hotels are allergy aware and will prepare allergen-free meals if you call ahead and mention it when making the reservation.

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Thanks for your information, we are considering taking most of his own food, just to be safe.

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I assume you will have an epi-pen with you at all times?

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Does anyone know how to say “walnuts” in French? All the allergy cards I’ve been able to find just say tree nuts, but I can eat all except walnuts!

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Noix [nōwha]
Plural is: des noix [dai nōwha] some walnuts, or les [lai] noix the nuts.

However, it can also be the generic, nuts, so best to have a photo of a walnut on the card. And write Seulement, which means only.

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Hello from Wisconsin,

You know that intrusive government that Boris is trying to get out of? Well the EU mandates that resNow I may be off on the number 13. But look this up, it might be #8 is nuts. But NUTS is one of them. All I know is that we kept looking at menus and seeing numbers next to the menu item. Finally we figured it out. The number and the allergic item are always the same number.

In French Walnut looks like noyer or noix. I would create a small pice of paper for purse or wallet that says
'noix allergique'. I had one that said 'fruits de mer allergique' to handle my wife's problem.

wayne iNWI.

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Noyer is the tree or wood, so stick with noix. But again, you need to be clear that it’s only walnuts by using a photo because both pecans and cashews have noix in their name (noix de pecan and noix de cajou).

Wayner, please explain more for us about the EU allergy list. Do you have a link for us? This could be useful for many people.

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A company called Select Wisely makes laminated cards in foreign languages that explain allergies & other medical conditions. You can carry the card with you and show it to wait staff every time you eat in a restaurant.

I am not affiliated with the company. We used them for a family member with food intolerances.

Caveat: the first set of cards we received in French used terminology that seemed, if not incorrect, out of line with the idiomatic French I'm familiar with. I questioned it and they sent us another set of cards in better French, no additional charge. They didn't ask us to return the first set of cards.

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Hi -

We've traveled twice with our son who is allergic to almost all nuts. We found that if we were unsure about the food and language was a barrier, a steak and fries was a good option - or even a burger or pizza.

Our son really wanted to try a strawberry crepe in Paris but since they use nutella, he was good skipping it. If our son wanted a safe treat we go for a pre-packaged good old fashioned candy bar or candy. One time, we were at the Eiffel tower around midnight and all 4 of us looked at each other and realized we were all starving! We all had Nutella crepes and our son was thrilled to have a HUGE hot dog at midnight!

I also know we've carried an allergy warning we found on the internet and printed out, but never felt the need to use it. like I said, there's plenty of grilled meats and pizzas usually available.

As for the numbered list of allergens, we did run into that once last summer after we booked a hotel that had a restaurant attached. It was really helpful. I don't have a picture of the list but I'm sure a quick Internet search could provide a picture.

Good luck and happy travels!