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Traveling with Celiac disease

Has anyone traveled as a person with Celiac (strictly gluten free) in France? Unfortunately one of us has to be strictly gluten free and it could be a challenge when traveling. Has anyone traveled to France with such restrictions successfully? Have the French been compliant? Any suggestions of what to say or any great restaurants you may remember. We will be in Paris and then travel to Riviera and spend most of our time in southern France and on to Italy. I understand Italy offers many gluten free options. Any suggestions or tips would be most appreciative! So sad to miss the French bread!

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I have never had any problems with getting gluten free options in Italy. In the land of pasta, Italians have gluten issues.
Pharmacies typically have a section of gluten free bread, crackers etc. to purchase. Italy's health plan covers it!
Just add that I don't have celiac,but I am allergic with a range of symptoms.

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I remember some of the hotel breakfasts had gluten free products.

It's probably a good idea to learn the french for "celiac" and " gluten free"

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I traveled just a few years ago with a friend who has celiac. She had absolutely no issues dining gluten-free in Paris the entire week. She would say to the server "Sans gluten?" and they would immediately point out what she could have on the menu. Before the trip, she had translated into french, a statement - something like "I must eat gluten free, please advise what are my options?" -- and printed it out to carry. She only had to pull it out once the entire week.

PS - Kerouac - "gluten free baguettes" - Have you tried one? Curious how that might taste :-}

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We have a French friend who is gluten free and when we have dinner parties I have never had problems obtaining gluten free bread and desserts to include for her. The bread is IMHO terrible; we always send her home with the leftovers -- but at least it doesn't make her sick.

I'd touch base with a restaurant before booking -- some are very good about such adaptations.