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Traveling Barcelona to Provence in June, 2020

Hi there, I am traveling alone from Barcelona to Provence in June. Would love advice on mode of travel; should I rent a car, use the train (8 hrs!) or fly to Marseilles? I have not selected my 'home base' for the 3 days in Provence yet - thinking Arles - input
would be welcome on that as well. After 3 days I'll be heading up to Paris. thank you!

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There is high speed train from Barcelona to Nimes that takes 3:30 minutes, then another train to Arles 25 minutes away.

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A rental car would be a very costly choice, because there would almost certainly be a very large international drop fee. The rental-car company would have to pay someone to drive the car back to Spain.

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We took the train via Nimes. Stayed in Avignon which we found to be a good central location for getting about the area.

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Thank you for all the help! I am also weighing the advantage of renting a car versus using a tour company to go wine tasting. Any thoughts on that?

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There's a direct 4h train from Barcelona to Nimes (Pont du Gard aquaduct). Not sure if there's luggage storage though. You can then take a 30m train from Nimes to Arles.

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My wife and I are also planning to travel from Barcelona to Provence in June. Our plan is to take a train from Barcelona to Figures and make a stop there to see the Salvador Dali Museum. Then take a train from there to Perpignan. We'll pick up a rental car there and use it to go to Nice with several stops along the way. As others have noted, this is significantly less expensive than taking a rental car across the border between Spain and France.