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Travel with students to Paris

Hello all,

I have travelled to Paris countless times to study and vacation in the past, but my new job gives me the opportunity to take students to France in the summertime. The bulk of the time will be spent in the city of Loches in the Loire Valley at our sister school. However, I want to start off our trip in Paris for two full days (plus the arrival day).

Has anyone else done this before? We are down from 12 to 5 students (because of the recent events). 5 is an excellent group. I was wondering, because Paris is still on alert - are there any restrictions on bringing students to certain monuments? Any help would help. I already have a hotel lined up.


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I would think that if the monuments are open (and I don't know why they wouldn't be) they would be open to all. I wouldn't see why there would be any type of age restriction.

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I was just there after Christmas. No age restrictions as far as I could tell! There are now cursory bag checks and "open your coat" checks [not applicable in summer :) ] in museum and monument lines. I saw trios of gendarmes around Notre Dame, Jewish monuments in Marais, Eiffel Tower (officers on horseback there), Versailles and other major monuments.

Your students should be prepared (just as they would need to be in the U.S. or other places) to go through a security line, open a bag or backpack, not goof off while in line, take unnecessary photos, or make jokes when armed officers are around.

Other than that, I can't think of anything that would be different, but others may know something I don't....

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If the students are young enough for discounts (usually under 18, but it varies with the sight) they should have their passports handy to prove age.

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Alexander I think biggest worry should be making sure they can show their I'd to prove they are under 18 since then most sites will be free! ( not ETD though)

I am surprised so many kids cancelled,,,but all the better for you as your smaller group will have more fun and you will have less headaches getting tables for meals for 6 then 13!

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Thanks very much, everyone!

You're right, Pat. I'm thrilled to be taking a smaller group for my first horrah with students. I can't wait to show them the place I love the most and the place I've been teaching them about all year.

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You're going to have a wonderful time, and I can't think of a single attraction which wouldn't be (or shouldn't be) accessible for your students.