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Travel to Versailles

We would like to go over the Versailles so I need some advice.

If I drive from central Paris to Versailles, what the drive time?

Or if I take a train, which RER line do I take?

And how how would it take to take a train from Paris to Versailles and walk to the Grounds?


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I don't know the driving time, but the direct trip via RER "C" is an easy 40 minutes or so from Paris Austerlitz station. Your destination will be Versailles Rive Gauche and the train will have the word "Vick" above the driver's window.

When you reach the station, walk down the steps to street level, turn right and walk about a block and then turn left. At the left turn, you'll see the Chateau. The walk from the station will be about 10 - 15 minutes, depending on how fast you walk.

Depending on what day you go and the time-of-year, there may be long queues to get into the Chateau, even for those with a Museum Pass. On some days, there's an extra charge for the gardens, but it's very reasonable. The gardens are HUGE, so be prepared for lots of walking (although they do offer a small "tourist train" that will take you down to the lake).

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We took RER C and arrived at 0730 on a nice spring day. We walked to the main gates, which opened at 0800 in the spring, not sure about winter hours. We had the place to ourselves with one other couple and took lots of great photos of them and they took great photos of the two of us. We lined up as the crowds arrived so we were first into the palace. We went directly to the Hall of Mirrors with one other person and got more great photos before the place was swamped. Going early allowed us to backtrack thru the place after the Hall of Mirrors and we exited Versailles around 1100. The line to get in was at least 2-3 block long. Lesson to learn--go early.

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RER Line C runs along the left bank of the river in central Paris. Several Metro lines cross and connect with it. But know that while you can transfer and ride the RER with your Metro ticket or pass, Versailles is a different zone from that of downtown and requires a higher fare or multi zone pass. So be sure you purchase a full ticket to Versailles and not just make the transfer or you'll be fined. And be sure to board the train to Versailles Rive Gauche as that line splits and has several different destinations. You can always ask someone as a train approaches to be sure it is the right one.

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It's maybe about a 10 mile ride out there from the center of Paris--not very far.

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If you still want to go by car you can drive from the Périphérique to freeway A13 and look for exit Versailles-centre. Other option is to drive to Porte de Saint-Cloud and follow signs Nantes / Bordeaux till you hit the D910 very soon. Keep following it till it is numbered D10. However the latter option can be quiet a challenge as a mistake is easy made.

With both options you go straight to the château, think about a half hour driving time from the Périférique if you have no delay with traffic jams and you will need also time finding a place to park the car.

So reading this I think the RER is quicker (depending where starting in the centre), more convenient and cheaper as parking close to the chateau is quiet expensive.