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Travel to France through Green country from Amber

Hi there,
Does anyone know the requirements for travelling to France through a Green country from an Amber country? Will we be treated as Amber arrivals or Green arrivals?
In this instance we are UK residents who would be travelling to Ireland first then on to France but would only be in Ireland for a day or two.
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You will be considered as arriving from the U.K. with only a couple of days in Ireland. Same on the return.

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it is not a back door. You will still be quarantining on both ends.

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Ireland should be green by virtue of its membership in the EU. That doesn't mean passing through Ireland makes up for having originated in the UK; that would depend on France's rules for the amount of time that must have elapsed since leaving the UK.

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Thanks for your replies! I suppose my question is as acraven says about the travel history that France require. Does anyone know this?