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Travel from Barcelona to Paris

What is the best way to travel from Barcelona, Spain to Paris, Italy?

Posted by Alan
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There is a direct high speed train Barcelona to Paris. About 6 hours 20 minutes in great comfort. No need to change trains or endure the hassle of an airport. We did this last year. We opted for first class as the price difference was marginal but second class is fine. Then you can figure out Italy. Flying might be better then. Where in Italy?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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The train is as fast as flying as it is from center city to center city. The fast train is relatively and nice.
Flying a budget air carrier to Italy is preferred. Spain's budget air carrier is Fueling but I assume may fly Paris to.Italy. Milan, Rome and Pisa are the biggest airports, but Florence, Naples and Venice airports are available intraEurope.

Posted by dave
freelton, ont, canada
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We flew from Barcelona to Paris in august., via Air France . About 1-1/2 flight into CDG. Then the RER . Into Paris . Very easy .

Posted by John
Pantego, NC, USA
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Depending on luggage, if you have 2 suitcases and backpacks and computer and purse, train might be better. Make sure you can see all of your luggage or chain it to the carrier. I am not sure about food on the train. Maybe someone else can answer that question. If no food, buy some to take with you. Look at He discusses trips and fares both ways. Train is down town to down town. No going to airport out of city and same in Paris. A lot less aggravation by using the train.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Everyone is assuming you mean Paris France. It's an enjoyable ride on the fast train -- some of the coaches are double-deckers. To compare air fares, Another assumption: One of earlier posters on the thread meant the Spanish budget airline Vueling, which is comparable to easyJet and Ryanair. All three fly this route, keeping prices low. Tickets for trains and planes work the same way: Buy early of lowest rates.